Clubfoot Journey: Introducing Addy from Ontario

Sep 1, 2022 | Clubfoot Journeys

Addy is a twin that was born at 30 weeks old weighing 2lbs 11oz with bilateral clubfoot.  She spent 8 weeks in the NICU due to prematurity before coming home 2 weeks before her due date.

 At 39 weeks gestation Addy started her treatment journey at McMaster Hospital in Hamilton Ontario. Our casting journey was long and complicated. She was so tiny that she was hard to cast and had a few slipped casts. We sought out multiple opinions and had consults with many doctors. After almost 3 months of casting Addy had her tenotomy procedure under general anesthesia due to having an atypical clubfoot. She did amazing in surgery and we were able to come home shortly after she woke up. 

Addy’s bilateral clubfeet at 39 weeks gestation.

Although casting was complicated Addison has always been happy and content and hated being held to be casted but adjusted well. As we headed into boots and bars Addy adjusted so well and we were easily able to do our 23 hour wear with a good routine! She loved being able to have a bath whenever we wanted! 

Addy travelling home from a casting appointment.

At 1 year old we are in 12 hour wear and Addy waits for us to boot her boots on each night! We do biweekly physio as part of her treatment plan due to low muscle tone but her physiotherapist along with all of her other doctors are always so impressed by her determination! She is always following her twin sister around and trying to keep up! We look forward to seeing her running around soon! 

Addy rocking her boots and bar!

The Canadian Support Society thanks Addy’s family for submitting their clubfoot story to to help support and encourage other families just starting this journey.  Our clubfoot cuties are a beautiful example of children’s perserverance.

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