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Jul 19, 2022 | Expertenstimmen

There are many great equipment and toy options available for fun and functional play for growing clubfoot cuties!  It can be overwhelming deciding what to pick and choose.

At our KPG (Kids Physio Group) clinic we have a wide variety of toys, games and equipment I use regularity with our clubfoot patients.  I have selected a few of my favourites to highlight for our families that continue to be a big hit! 

Addy using a bouncy farm animal during a physiotherapy session using the techniques described under Peanut Ball.

Peanut Ball:  The peanut ball is one of my favourites not only because its super cute, but it actually is very versatile! I use it to work on optimizing hip position while sitting, weight bearing through feet, a variety of core exercises and you can work on upper body strength as well. The bouncy effect a peanut ball has also provides sensory feedback and helps to improve proprioception! Don’t have a peanut ball at home? Some easy swap outs could be trying a straddle sit over a parent’s lap, a rocking horse, or fun bouncy farm animal!

Scooterboards:  Yes, I am talking about the wheely boards we used to use in gym class! These are so much fun it completely disguises that we are strengthening our bodies.  Scooter boards are great to work on leg strength, foot strength, propulsion and core. Scooter boards allow for a variety of positions as you can sit and lie on them connect them together and add weight to make it even harder. If you have one of these just be careful as they may scuff up the floor!

Squigz:  These are a hit with all the youngsters but even some of the older kiddos like to use them. They are suction toys that stick onto surfaces such as mirrors! For young ones it’s a great way to motivate many transitional movements such a sitting to crawling position, sitting to standing, half kneeling to pulling to stand. They can be spaced out along a surface to promote cruising and they are a great way to incorporate fine motor and reaching/core into your motor milestone development. If you try pulling one of these little suckers off the mirror you can see the core and grip strength it requires! Wanting to work more on foot strength? I use these for my older kiddos to use their toes to pull them off while balancing on the other foot! The colours are super bright and fun as well!

Stay tuned for future posts highlighting more of my favourite equipment and games!

Lexi Miller, BSc, MPT

CCSS Member at Large & KPG Physiotherapist

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