Start a Fundraiser

Do you have a small business that is looking for ways to collaborate with a charity?

Are you looking to fundraise for a charity for your birthday or special event?

Do you have an opportunity or idea for a fundraiser in your community or online?

The Canadian Clubfoot Support Society is always interested in partnering with members or businesses for new fundraising opportunities. Please contact us and we can provide further details.

For example, the society has partnered with Blended Thread Fabrics in Saskatchewan to design a unique fabric for all sewing enthusiasts with all profits going directly towards our current projects. This fundraiser made over $1000 for the society, and the fabric travelled across Canada and the world.

Our number one personal fundraising initiative is the donations from people holding Fundraisers on Facebook. These fundraisers are easy to set up and all you must do is share!



How Do I create a nonprofit fundraiser on Facebook?

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Facebook app.
  2. At the bottom right, tap Menu.
  3. Scroll to community resources
  4. Tap Fundraisers.
  5. Tap Raise money.
  6. Tap on the nonprofit or search in the search bar by name.
  7. Personalize your fundraiser with pictures and your story!
  8. At the top right, tap Create and Share!!

On a desktop/laptop

  1. Click on the Icon beside your name in the top right corner
  2. Scroll and click on Fundraisers
  3. Click “Select Non-Profit”
  4. Select or search for Canadian Clubfoot Support Society
  5. On the left hand bar your can personalize your goals, reasons, story and photos!

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