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Ponseti Clubfoot Treatment Worldwide – Documentary

Every three minutes a baby is born with clubfoot. If left untreated, clubfoot can lead to a lifetime of physical disability. These are the stories from people around the world using the Ponseti clubfoot treatment method.

The Ponseti Method: The Treatment of Clubfoot

A description of the pioneering work of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti and his development of a treatment for clubfoot, and its use in third world countries.

Common Issues

Dorsum (top of foot) skin irritation is a common issue that can occur in children with club feet. It is common to use a pressure saddle on the middle strap to protect the skin from further irritation. Children with club feet can also experience a puffy dorsum and wrinkled skin on the foot, which are results of braces and stretching and resolve as children grow.


Inner Arch Stretch

Inner arch stretches open the inner space of the foot. With one hand you will hold onto the heel in between your thumb and index finger. You will use your other thumb to gently stretch down toward the big toe and you’ll see the wrinkles open up. Once you get to the big toe you can hold the stretch for a few seconds and then repeat a few times on each foot.

Heel Cord Stretch

This stretch is to stretch the heel cord behind the leg. With the first hand, hold onto the back of the leg and position your thumb above the back of the heel. Slide your thumb down the heel cord until you feel the heel bone. With the other hand you will take the foot and stretch up and out toward the side. You can hold this stretch up to twenty seconds. If you feel like the foot is slipping you can reposition yourself and start again.


These clubfoot stretches are essential to help your child during the bracing phase of treatment.

Activities for Older Kids

These exercises are designed for children born with clubfoot/talipes to keep their feet strong and stretchy.

Note: The Canadian Clubfoot Support Society recommends consulting your physician with any concerns. The information provided on this website is for information purposes only.