Library for Parents & Children

As parents ourselves, we understand how you may be interested in additional clubfoot resources and readings. There are a number of additional resources you may wish to view or include in your home library while starting your child’s clubfoot journey.

Creating a Home Library

Books for Caregivers

The Parents’ Guide to Clubfoot

Betsy Miller

Clubfoot Chronicles

Maureen Hoffs

Clubfoot Journey: Orthopedic Specialist & Bracing Logs

Sophie Peters

A Parents Guide to Clubfoot and Its Treatment Using the Ponseti Method

Canadian Orthopedic Foundation

The Clubfoot Game Plan Planner

Kailyn Galloway

Beyond Boots & Bars

Betsy Miller

Clubfoot : The Quest for a Better Life for Millions of Children

Thomas M. Cook

Books for Children

As your Clubfoot Cutie continues to grow and develop, it is important to ensure their unique journey is represented in their home library.

Children’s literature is a great tool for children young and old to promote further discussion, connection, and celebration.

Hip Hop Hooray

Jill Harold and Betsy Miller

One In 1000

Sonia Alcon

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Tamil


Wear Your Boots Ted

Rebecca Harding

Boots and Barnyard Boogie

Rachel Reinsch

Let Us Count the Things

Catherine J. Brown

Pete’s Neat Feet

Damaris Gibson

My Boots Hardcover

Mitzi Williams & Ginger Nielson

Story Time Videos

One in 1000 by Sophia Alcon

Un sur 1000 par Sophia Alcon

Lucky’s Feet by Olayinka Adegbehingbe


A Clubfoot Mom Podcast

Maureen Hoff

Ponseti Method of Clubfoot Treatment

Dr. Jose Morcuende

Parent Education

Understanding Clubfoot Treatment

A Baby Sparks Class

Website Resources

Ponseti International

Clubfoot Cares

No Surgery 4 Clubfoot

Achilleus (Czech)

Fundacja Ponsetiego (Polish/English)

Academic reading

Congenital Clubfoot

Dr Ponseti

Clubfoot: Ponseti Management

Staheli L, Ponseti I, et al.

Clinical Practise Guidelines for the Management of Clubfoot Deformity Using the Ponseti Method

Ponseti International Association

Treatment of the Complex Idiopathic Clubfoot

Ponseti, Ignacio V ; Zhivkov, Miroslav; Davis, Naomi ; Sinclair, Marc; Dobbs, Matthew B; Morcuende, Jose A.

Understanding the education needs for parents of children with clubfoot

Paulsen-Miller, Maria; Dolan, Lori A; Stineman, Anita; Morcuende, Jose A

Bracing in clubfoot: do we know enough?

C. Alves

Bracing in Ponseti Clubfoot Treatment : Improving Parental Adherence Through an Innovative Health Education Intervention

Seegmiller, Laura; Burmeister, Rebecca; Paulsen-Miller, Maria; Morcuende, Jose

Long-Term Results of Tibialis Anterior Tendon Transfer for Relapsed Idiopathic Club footTreated with the Ponseti Method

Holt, Joshua B.; Oji, David E.; Yack, H. John; Morcuende, Jose A.

Parenting a child with clubfoot: A qualitative study.

Pietrucin-Materek, Marta; van Teijlingen, Edwin R.; Barker, Simon; Forrest Keenan, Karen; Miedzybrodzka, Zosia

Factors predictive of outcome after use of the Ponseti method for the treatment of idiopathic clubfeet

Matthew B DobbsJ R RudzkiDerek B PurcellTim WaltonKristina R PorterChristina A Gurnett

Common errors in the treatment of congenital clubfoot

I.V. Ponseti