Physio Lexy’s Active Stretching Through Functional Movement

Tem 27, 2022 | Uzman Görüşleri

Many families are probably quite familiar with stretches for their clubfoot cuties. has videos demonstrating clubfoot stretches under “Resources” for further guidance.  When you are holding a stretch for your child, physiotherapists refer to this as passive stretching.

Active stretching goes hand in hand with passive and can be done through functional movements! This means the child will be doing the movement (with a little help) that stretches their muscle in fun and play-based ways.

Check out these three examples of great at-home methods to stretch typically tighter muscles in clubfoot cases!


Addy doing a bear crawl up an inclined ramp during physiotherapy.

1.  Squat: This one is great to stretch the Achilles tendon.  Younger children can squat to pick up toys, read books, or play on a short surface.

  1. Incline Standing or Walking: Stretches the calf muscles. Creating obstacle courses around the house with various objects that can be placed on an incline or use an inclined step/ramp as a stool to reach things.
  1. Bear Walking: Stretches the whole posterior chain. Can your child pretend to be different animals?


Exercise Snapshot by Lexy:  Standing on a Wedge

Exercise Snapshot by Lexy: Standing on a Wedge

Standing on a wedge:  It is important in our clubfoot kiddos to keep our ankle range of motion! A great way to work on stretching the muscle functionally at the end range is standing on a wedge! It's a great way to put weight through the ankle joint in the position we...

Exercise Snapshot by Lexy:  Animal Catapult

Exercise Snapshot by Lexy: Animal Catapult

Clubfoot kiddos can always benefit from physiotherapy and exercises in order to: - built foot and ankle strength  - keep a good range of motion at the ankle - develop gross motor skills and coordination - improve balance - strengthen big muscles in the hips and leg to...

Clubfoot Journey: Introducing Addy from Ontario

Clubfoot Journey: Introducing Addy from Ontario

Addy is a twin that was born at 30 weeks old weighing 2lbs 11oz with bilateral clubfoot.  She spent 8 weeks in the NICU due to prematurity before coming home 2 weeks before her due date.  At 39 weeks gestation Addy started her treatment journey at McMaster Hospital in...